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How Do Your Junior Mining Stocks Stack Up?

How do you know what your junior mining stocks are worth in this market? Have you ever ran a junior mining stock comparative analyses? This report is going to help break down the value inside each and every junior mining stock in your portfolio. It’ll provide you real insight into whether or not a specific junior mining stock has seen its best days or whether the big move-up is yet to come.

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One junior mining stock is never the same as another. We are in a market where precision investing in this sector is all that matters. A flight to quality junior mining stocks has taken place and for investors to capitalize on this shift, there are crucial steps that must be taken. It’s a sink or swim investing arena and we explain which juniors will succeed and what will be responsible for the failure of others.


This exclusive report is about harnessing the power of junior mining stocks’ volatility to your advantage. For years the Pinnacle Team has researched, invested and thrived within, arguably, the most volatile sector in the North American markets. The authors of this report have introduced investment opportunities which increased 300% or more in less than a year. They discovered an early staged junior exploration company that later went on to receive an investment of nearly $7.5 million through a private placement from the IFC, a member of the World Bank Group. The authors introduced a junior exploration company operating in the uranium sector that went on to sign a processing agreement with Cameco Resources, the world’s largest publicly traded uranium company. In 2011, a year that saw many junior resource stocks collapse in value, the authors of this report introduced a little known oil and gas company with a market cap of roughly $12 million that had not yet reached profitability. Less than 12 months later, this oil & gas company went on to nearly triple its production, reach profitability and quadruple its market cap.

As an investor, it’s only when you begin to associate volatility with opportunity that you can understand why junior mining stocks provide potential reward no other asset-class can. Finding the edge in this market does not come easy and is the motivation behind the creation of this report. Aaron Hoddinott's and Alexander Smith's experiences and knowledge gained, through years of investing in junior mining stocks, countless interviews with CEO’s, venture capitalists and leaders of financial institutions is laid out in an easy-to-read format. 'Are Junior Mining Stocks Worth the Risk?' is an absolute must-read for anyone who has ever considered playing in this fast paced investment arena.

Some of the Topics Discussed in Our Exclusive Report

→ The most important asset any junior mining company can have right now – and how it will make you money.


→ Junior mining stocks are trading at roughly the same level they did in 2003, yet the prices of commodities have skyrocketed. Find out why investors should be concerned about this.


→ Gauging the success rate of a junior mining company’s management team.


→ Nothing Pays Like Discovery – so how do you find a new discovery before it happens?


→ Understanding the dangerous risks of investing in various mining regions.


→ A detailed historical analyses on buying and selling levels.


→ Find out if our experts are bullish or bearish on junior mining stocks right now.

Authored by Aaron Hoddinott and Alexander Smith



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